Chittorgarh, also known as Chittaur, was the Rajput capital of Mewar from the 7th through the 16th centuries. Chittaur conjures up images of Rajput men and women displaying great bravery and sacrifice in wars against invaders from the Northwest or Delhi. Chittaur saw both the horrors of war and the achievements of the human spirit. In 1303 A.D., Allaudin Khilji, who desired Queen Padmini of Chittaur, conquered the city. Rather than subordinate to anyone, Queen Padmini and the women of the court sacrificed themselves on a fiery pyre. This extreme sacrifice is known as ‘Jauhar,’ and it represents the Rajputs’ burning spirit at the time. The city is littered with monuments and battlements that bear witness to the bloodshed that occurred throughout mediaeval times. Chittorgarh is a prominent tourist destination in Rajasthan. Chittorgarh has a plethora of tourist attractions. The majority of these tourist attractions reflect Rajasthan’s previous splendour and make visits completely pleasurable for tourists.


Air: Udaipur International Airport is the closest airport (Dabok Airport). The airport is 70 kilometers from Chittorgarh and is connected to New Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai by daily air service.

Train: Chittorgarh railway station is a busy western Indian railway junction. All major north Indian cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Kota, have direct rail connections.

Road: Chittorgarh is well connected by road to other parts of India. Chittorgarh City is crossed by the Golden Quadrilateral Road Project and the North-South-East-West corridor expressways. Chittorgarh’s bus terminal (bus depot) is positioned in the middle of the old and new city. For Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Bundi, Kota, Udaipur, and other major cities, there are good bus services (both private and government).


As one of Rajasthan’s most popular destinations, Chittorgarh boasts its fair share of bazaars. The bazaars of Chittorgarh are, in fact, an important element of Chittorgarh tours. They offer travelers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The bazaars of Chittorgarh are excellent places to shop for a variety of presents for your loved ones. Akola patterned textiles, multicolored leather jutis, and a variety of jewelry are available in Chittorgarh’s markets. Each of these objects can be found in this corner of the world in beautiful condition. Tourists are drawn to them because of their distinct attractiveness. Vegetable dyes, for example, are used to create akola printed fabrics. The multicolored leather jutis are stunning camel leather shoes. These shoes are absolutely attractive since they are embellished with exquisite needlework. The following are some of the most important bazaars:

Sadar Bazaar: Because of the large number of stores that line the market, Sadar Bazaar is a significant location. Sadar Bazaar is a spectacular showcase of Rajasthani goods and items, attracting people from all over India and the world. Chittorgarh’s Sadar Bazaar showcases Rajasthan’s long heritage and culture. Fabrics, camel leather works, metal products, jewellery, toys, and other similar items are among the most popular items found in the shops of Sadar Bazaar. Sada Bazaar’s ‘jutis,’ fashioned of camel leather, are one of the greatest values. These one-of-a-kind Rajasthani products are made even more lovely and appealing by intricate embroidered work. Another popular item purchased in Sadar Bazaar shops is Thewa jewellery, which primarily appeals to female travelers. Almost every shop in Sadar Bazaar sells beautifully crafted Thewa jewellery.

Rana Sanga Market: Rana Sanga Market is a prominent shopping area in the city that is recognized for selling wonderful Rajasthani products. The stores at Rana Sanga Market offer a wide range of merchandise. The many objects and products available in Rana Sanga Market are rarely seen anywhere in India. Wooden toys from Bassi Village are among the greatest purchases at the Rana Sanga Market. When wooden toys are painted with colors, they become more appealing.


Chittorgarh Fort Road Market: This city’s Chittorgarh Fort Market is a bustling shopping district. It attracts a significant number of tourists from India as well as other parts of the world. This market area is densely packed with shops. The shops display their outstanding range of traditional and contemporary Rajasthani goods and items in a variety of ways. Metal ware and fabrics are two of the most popular goods sold in the Fort Road Market businesses. In this market, Akola fabrics in general sell like hotcakes. Vegetable dyes are used to create these lovely fabrics. Akola textiles’ products are primarily preferred by foreign tourists.


Asirwad Dining Hall: Address- Station RD, Chittorgarh ho, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

Chandal Restaurant: Address- Sadar Bazar, Chittorgarh ho, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

D.C Hotel & Restaurant: Address- Sadar Bazar, Chittorgarh ho, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

Bajrang Bhojnalaya: Address-Front Of Road Bus Stand, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

Balaji Restaurant: Address- Meera Circle Sbbj K Samne, Mandfiya, Chittorgarh – 312024, Rajasthan.

Bhavneet Restaurant: Address- Udaipur Road, Old Chungi Naka, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

Bherunath Bhojnalaya: Address- Udaipur Road Mangalwar, Mangalwar, Chittorgarh – 312024, Rajasthan.

Bherunath Dal Bati: Address- Main Road Shambhu Pura, Chittorgarh Ho, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan.

Bherunath Restaurant: Address- Sanwliya Complex, Mandfiya, Chittorgarh – 312024, Rajasthan.

Bombay Restaurant: Address- Clock Tower, Bus Stand Road, Barisadari, Chittorgarh – 312403, Rajasthan.

Gorvdhan Coffee House Bhojanalaya: Address- Gordhan Bus Stand K Samne, Mandfiya, Chittorgarh – 312024, Rajasthan.

Harish Restaurant: Address- Meera Nagar, Lodha Complex, Collector Chauraha, Chittorgarh Ho, Chittorgarh – 312001, Rajasthan