Aavo Padharo, Gujarati terms for welcome, since it is here that these words ring true, and the guest is referred to as ‘God,’ and the Gujaratis are gregariously cordial, hospitable, and will tempt you to return again and again.

Gujarat, the home state of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, stretches out into the Arabian Sea with a hint of the desert and a 1600-kilometer-long coastline. Beaches, temple towns, and ancient capitals are all well-known. Gujarat is known for its wildlife sanctuaries, highland getaways, and natural beauty. Sculpture, handicrafts, the arts, and festivals contribute to the state’s wealth. Gujarat is also one of the most technologically sophisticated states in the country, including the country’s largest petrochemical complex.

Gujarat has traditionally been a prominent centre for the Jains, and the Jain Temple Centers at Palitana and Girnar Hills are two of the most interesting places in the state. Aside from the Jain temples, the state’s main attractions are the Gir Forests, India’s only habitat for Asiatic Lions, a desert ride at the Wild Ass Sanctuary, and Ahmedabad’s stunning Indo-Saracenic architecture. Kutch’s vibrant tribal settlements offer for a memorable visit.


Official Tourism Website: https://www.gujarattourism.com/

Popular tourist attractions Cities in Gujarat:


Ahmedabad                                     Kutch                                  Gir National Park                            Somnath

Statue of Unity                               Vadodara                           Dwarka                                              Saputara

Champaner                                      Junagadh                           Gandhinagar                                    Diu

Porbandar                                        Bhuj                                    Surat                                                  Patan

Dholavira                                          AmbaJi                               Anand                                                Girnar

Rajkot                                                Himatnagar                       Bhavnagar                                        Palanpur

Umbergaon                                      Anjar                                   Pirotan Island                                  Dandi Beach     



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