Desan me des Haryana, Jit doodh dahi ka khana…

Haryana literally means “God’s home.” It’s a combination of the Sanskrit words ‘Hari’, which signifies God, and ‘ayana,’ which means home. It is a world where visitors are treated as if they were gods.

Haryana is a microcosm of modern India. The one that foreshadows the future while remaining firmly entrenched in its illustrious culture. Haryana is now considered one of South Asia’s wealthiest and most economically developed states.

Haryana is a vibrant tapestry of various landscapes, with wonderful archaeology and art and culture to celebrate. A state that has travelled through time and retained the finest of both worlds — the traces of a bygone period and a vision for the future.

Haryana has one of the most unique histories, from being referred to as “paradise on earth” in ancient Sanskrit literature to being the backbone of Indus valley civilization. This country has also witnessed historical engagements, such as the famed battles of Panipat, and served as the backdrop for the Mahabharata’s epic fight at Kurukshetra.

Haryana is proud of its successes in agriculture, industry, and thriving art and culture today. Haryana is a journey worth taking, rich in history, monuments, heritage, flora and fauna, people resources and tourism, as well as a well-developed economy, national highways and state roads.

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Popular tourist attractions Cities in Haryana:


Kurukshetra                                     Rohtak                                               Faridabad                                         Gurugram

Panchkula                                        Ambala                                              Bhiwani                                             Fatehabad

Karnal                                                Sirsa                                                   Sonipat                                              Panipat

Rewari                                               Yanuma Nagar                                palwal                                                Mahendergarh


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